School Based Apprenticeship & Traineeship Figures

Qualification numbers extracted from the IVETS database on the 1.6.2020, showing all government students currently in training.

Educational Services Teams SBTsSBAs
All Educational Services Teams 2135 361
Public Schools NSW, Macquarie Park 459 93
Public Schools NSW, Ultimo 316 73
Public Schools NSW, Tamworth 741 66
Public Schools NSW, Wagga Wagga 619 129

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All Educational Services Teams
Retail Certificate III869
Transport and Logistics - Warehousing Operations Certificate II159
Health Services - Allied Health Assistance Certificate III17
Health Services - Health Services Assistance Certificate III188
Business Services - Business Certificate III38
Business Services - Business Certificate II146
Animal Care and Management - Animal Studies Certificate II10
Community Services - Early Childhood Education and Care Certificate III131
Floristry (Assistant) Certificate II1
Sport, Fitness and Recreation - Sport - Sport Coaching Certificate II1
Community Services - Individual Support Certificate III22
Construction Pathways Certificate II39
Sport, Fitness and Recreation - Sport and Recreation Certificate II68
Business Services - Business Administration Certificate III32
Business Services - Business Administration (Medical) Certificate III22
Tourism - Events Certificate III3
Retail - Community Pharmacy Certificate II12
Agriculture - Beekeeping Certificate III3
Agriculture Certificate II42
Agriculture - Rural Operations Certificate II9
Engineering - General Certificate II14
Sport, Fitness and Recreation - Fitness Certificate III13
Hairdressing - Salon Assistant Certificate II7
Hospitality - Kitchen Operations Certificate II14
Electrotechnology (Career Start) Certificate II9
Hospitality Certificate II37
Community Services - Individual Support - Aged Support Certificate III19
Construction Certificate II4
Maritime Operations (Coxswain Grade 1 Near Coastal) Certificate II3
Civil Construction Certificate II9
Community Services - School Age Education and Care Certificate IV9
Information and Cultural Services Certificate II1
Tourism Certificate III5
Applied Fashion Design and Technology Certificate II1
Automotive - Servicing Technology Certificate II42
Agriculture Certificate III18
Automotive - Outdoor Power Equipment Technology Certificate II1
Horticulture - Horticulture Certificate II19
Property Services (Agency) Certificate III9
Conservation and Land Management Certificate II2
Information Technology - Information, Digital Media and Technology Certificate II1
Retail - Retail Services Certificate II4
Furnishing - Furniture Making Certificate II2
Community Services - Individual Support - Disability Support Certificate III4
Community Services - Community Services Certificate III4
Sport, Fitness and Recreation - Sport - Sport Coaching Certificate III1
Information Technology - Information, Digital Media and Technology Certificate III9
Sport, Fitness and Recreation - Aquatics and Community Recreation Certificate III2
Meat Processing (Abattoirs) Certificate II6
Community Services - Education Support Certificate III34
Property Services - Real Estate Practice Certificate III5
Transport and Logistics - Logistics Certificate II6
Printing and Graphic Arts (General) Certificate II2
Business Services - Customer Engagement Certificate III1
Business Services - Library and Information Services Certificate III1
Seafood Industry - Aquaculture Certificate II1
Beauty Services - Make-up Certificate III1
Horticulture - Parks and Gardens Certificate II1
Beauty Services - Retail Cosmetics Certificate II1
Forest and Forest Products - Sawmilling and Processing Certificate II1

All Educational Services Teams
Automotive - Agricultural Mechanical Technology Certificate III6
Automotive - Body Repair Technology Certificate III3
Automotive - Electrical Technology Certificate III3
Automotive - Heavy Commercial Vehicle Mechanical Technology Certificate III6
Automotive - Light Vehicle Mechanical Technology Certificate III29
Automotive - Marine Mechanical Technology Certificate III1
Automotive - Mobile Plant Technology Certificate III4
Automotive - Motorcycle Mechanical Technology Certificate III2
Automotive Refinishing Technology Certificate III2
Beauty Therapy Certificate IV13
Carpentry and Joinery Certificate III2
Carpentry Certificate III75
Construction Carpentry - Formwork/Falsework Certificate III1
Electrotechnology - Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Certificate III7
Electrotechnology - Electrician Certificate III47
Electrotechnology - Electronics and Communications Certificate III1
Engineering - Fabrication Trade Certificate III13
Engineering - Mechanical Trade Certificate III11
Furnishing - Cabinet Making (Furniture) Certificate III1
Furnishing - Cabinet Making (Kitchens and Bathrooms) Certificate III3
Furnishing - Flooring Technology Certificate III1
Hairdressing - Barbering Certificate III6
Hairdressing Certificate III37
Horticulture - Landscape Construction Certificate III7
Horticulture - Parks and Gardens Certificate III4
Horticulture - Production Nursery Certificate III1
Horticulture - Sports Turf Management Certificate III1
Hospitality - Commercial Cookery Certificate III20
Marine Craft Construction Certificate III1
Meat Processing (Retail Butcher) Certificate III9
Painting and Decorating Certificate III4
Plumbing Certificate III30
Retail Baking (Bread) Certificate III1
Retail Baking (Combined) Certificate III6
Signs and Graphics Certificate III1
Wall and Floor Tiling Certificate III2