• Read the Information for Employers and href="">Questions answered
  • Respond to questions asked by the STS Industry Training Advisor (for SBAs) or by the School (for SBTs), as set out in the Employer Questionnaire and Checklist
  • Address any student needs as identified on the Application to Establish a School Based Apprenticeship or Traineeship.
  • Support student safety - for example, induction, supervision, OHS, child protection
  • Provide time off work with pay to undertake training and assessment delivered by the supervising Registered Training Organisation
  • Provide a full range of "hands on" work, appropriate workplace facilities and training for the student to acquire the knowledge and skills they need to complete the apprenticeship or traineeship
  • Liaise with the RTO to ensure that the student is attending their formal off-the-job training and is making satisfactory progress
  • Notify the school of any unexplained absences from work
  • Notify any relevant issues to the local State Training Centre using SBAT Incident Report and notification process